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Sandfly's Amateur Blog: Sandfly Video

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Sandfly: Choose Sandfly.
Choose Beachlife. Choose epic beach voyeurism. Choose the original. Choose the legend. Choose his video canon. Choose a big fucking monitor to watch them on, or a tablet device, maybe and ipad, the latest phone you were railroaded into purchasing at the fruit shop by the ever-so-self-satisfied almost-millennial slave of corporate identity thieves that raped the Beatles record label for inspiration, or the fucked-up reset laptop you bought from the dodgy ebay account when you were out your face on the illicit high of your personal preference. Choose vicarious thrills. Choose to marvel at this Sandfly hyper-reality. Choose to grin. Choose to toil at your miserable workstation for the grizzled bastard boss who surrendered hope to mundanity and joy to bleak tears of frustrated ambition decades ago. Choose not to be browbeaten, safe in the knowledge he's out there burning among the dust of stones form the dawn of time, delivering the sweet everyday awesome you never saw but knew was floating in the ether, those blinks of eternity seized from the fading grasp of forever. Choose to remian bound in happy thrall to the mythical maniac's maniacal offerings. Choose the glorious truth. Choose the unstaged, unbound, perfect zyzygy of the perpetual zenith that is the alternative zeitgeist he creates. Choose life. Choose the Messiah of the Playa. Choose Wow!

Choose Sandfly.

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"Born in an asylum in the midst of a lightning storm. Raised by jackals."


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 Sandfly    June 11, 2017
VCity Userpic

Who has any 'desire to be awesome'?
Since when have I held that fanboy bullshit ambition?
I don't fucking need to 'be awesome'.
I have always been here ; taking the criticism of those who never can and never will be players but who resent me for staying in the game for nearly 2 decades.
I am Sandfly.
I am always Sandfly.
Awesome got left behind and irrelevant in the slow lane years ago.
There is no awesome.
There is only Sandfly.

flag as inappropriate dj_monaco    June 8, 2017
VCity Userpic

Your videos are great!

Your desire to be recognized as awesome? Not so great.

flag as inappropriate Emily69    June 5, 2017VResident

Awesome. You amaze me every time. Thank you!

flag as inappropriate justrite    June 3, 2017

Sandfly,you da best,I love your stuff,keep up the good work.

flag as inappropriate jackin    June 3, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

Love the vid

flag as inappropriate Kumquat    June 3, 2017
VCity Userpic

Awesome!!! Always leave wanting more, more, more!!!

flag as inappropriate snoclwn    June 2, 2017

Outstanding as always!!! Not sure how you get your shots, but you are the master!!!

flag as inappropriateNorthern Boy    June 2, 2017


flag as inappropriate Gilbert    June 2, 2017

The video was outstanding, the musical accompaniment however not so much! Great camera work!

flag as inappropriate FillDirtWanted    June 2, 2017VResident

The best!

flag as inappropriate bighill    June 2, 2017


flag as inappropriate maleman    June 2, 2017

Outstanding. Thanks

flag as inappropriate RISQUEINLA    June 2, 2017VResident

Haven't seen the video ... yet.
Wanted to say hallelujah, he's back!!

flag as inappropriate dokken    June 2, 2017
VCity Userpic

welcome back, missed your work

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