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Sandfly's Amateur Blog: Sandfly Video

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Sandfly: Alas, the great dinosaur sites lapsed, and the corporate squabbles began, and the raptor pens spilled forth but one lone survivor.

And he swept the net, all those pretty pics and vacuous claims of straw men, all those set-ups and get-ups and scams.

And he saw; The technobites came forth from the ether of the futureworld, bearing promise in a box of tricks with capabilities beyond the point and click and brag and boast.

And his living dreams drew his eyes and hands to that magic box which dared him to click not once, but hold, hold, hold, for the unfolding scenes...

And here are a taste of those forays, missing from this glorious blog on the last raft of origin.

The Sandfly he roams, and has new homes, but he thrives on ubiquity, and JOY! The joy of purity. Honest devilment cast to the winds, legend layered upon legend, irresistible forces driving one sole vision through the digital dimensions, through style and trend, the epitome of both, scathing of all.

I am, and you are.

One eye.

One fly.

This epic series does not stop. Now is underpinned by then.

Here is then, inspiring now.

Now is to come.

More. Is to come.


Now. Then. Forever.

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Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Sandfly ( )



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flag as inappropriate Emily69    Aug. 12, 2018VResident

Awesome. Thank you from the bottom of all our miserable and craven hearts...

flag as inappropriate saltpeeter    July 28, 2018
VCity Userpic

Phenom as always... beyond Masters class... truly PHD level work

flag as inappropriate mecon    July 27, 2018VResident

you post always very good videos

flag as inappropriate Anonymouse    July 20, 2018

Yes! Very nice!

flag as inappropriate Emily69    July 19, 2018VResident

Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts. The best there is.

flag as inappropriate justloveit    July 17, 2018

The Master does it again!!!!!!!!!!!

flag as inappropriate mato tope    July 17, 2018VResident

Kick ass as always

flag as inappropriate Abozo    July 17, 2018

I love and appreciate your talent! Thanks for making it a special Sandfly day!

flag as inappropriate Indecnprop    July 17, 2018

I'm pretty sure this is in the Canary Islands but does anyone recognize which island?

flag as inappropriate FillDirtWanted    July 17, 2018VResident

Simply the best!

flag as inappropriate Squidroe    July 17, 2018VResident

The best, as always.

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