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"Born in an asylum in the midst of a lightning storm. Raised by jackals."

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Sandfly: Sandfly Exisexual Metabeach Reality...

Solitude among the multitude, Lost lands and faraway places where time matters not and your phsychodrama is distant trauma

- this is Sandfly World, shorn of commercial trickery and corporate rigidity, a place where moments float in time and flesh is fantasy made REALITY.

They all float in here. You'll float too. Forever and a sunny day.
This is the cult of no cunt, the theology of every cunt, preached by a good cunt; Top cunt. Top cat; The jungle cat.

The Sandfly.

Lergendary missionary of the mindfuck.

Amid the storm of the everyday,
enjoy the calm.

With the Sandfly, enjoy the clam.


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Sandfly: Alas, the great dinosaur sites lapsed, and the corporate squabbles began, and the raptor pens spilled forth but one lone survivor.

And he swept the net, all those pretty pics and vacuous claims of straw men, all those set-ups and get-ups and scams.

And he saw; The technobites came forth from the ether of the futureworld, bearing promise in a box of tricks with capabilities beyond the point and click and brag and boast.

And his living dreams drew his eyes and hands to that magic box which dared him to click not once, but hold, hold, hold, for the unfolding scenes...

And here are a taste of those forays, missing from this glorious blog on the last raft of origin.

The Sandfly he roams, and has new homes, but he thrives on ubiquity, and JOY! The joy of purity. Honest devilment cast to the winds, legend layered upon legend, irresistible forces driving one sole vision through the digital dimensions, through style and trend, the epitome of both, scathing of all.

I am, and you are.

One eye.

One fly.

This epic series does not stop. Now is underpinned by then.

Here is then, inspiring now.

Now is to come.

More. Is to come.


Now. Then. Forever.

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Sandfly: Stardust. Made of. Going to dust. To sands, through the sands of time the Sandman, the SandFLY, will resurrect again.

And again.

Rising, Mr.Mojo rising.

The sexiest sights known to wandering manchild - the Sandfly REALITY, blooming flowers among the ancient dunes sought and seen and sealed. For eternity. For YOU.

This is the last epic voyeur, survivor of the Nostromo, mutineer of the Bounty, bucaneer of the bordellos, rampaging through the digital kaos like a viper on angel dust through Eden's grasses, violating your sense of right, your concept of WRONG, re-setting your moral compass to the Sandfly true North.

There comes a time when you drop all pretences and resign yourself to your SELF...

To what you WANT to see, not what you believe you should.

To your limbic cravings, to your honest desire, to your perfect aesthetic happiness, to your unbound fucking reptlie.

To the fleshscape of the Sandfly.

I am the Spy in the house of love.
I know the dreams you are dreaming of.

I am Sandfly. And I bring temptation...

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Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Sandfly ( )

Sandfly: That diamond light searing the flesh of the shoals of man, this flash of infinity in the blink of a babe, a grubby scratched recording of a sound of eternity, half-glimpsed shadowmemory of HE, sat there, time-after-time, brazen and insignificant, seen and unseen, white on white, bland on blonde, BUT... Excitement. Thrills. Delicious snatches of earthy glory. Pulchritude. Natural. Humanity. Instinct. Endochrine. Genetic. Reptilian. Nephelim. Wicked. Omnipresent. Eternal. Sentinel of scenarios. Sandfly. Cool. As. Fuck.

Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Sandfly ( )

Sandfly: Choose Sandfly.
Choose Beachlife. Choose epic beach voyeurism. Choose the original. Choose the legend. Choose his video canon. Choose a big fucking monitor to watch them on, or a tablet device, maybe and ipad, the latest phone you were railroaded into purchasing at the fruit shop by the ever-so-self-satisfied almost-millennial slave of corporate identity thieves that raped the Beatles record label for inspiration, or the fucked-up reset laptop you bought from the dodgy ebay account when you were out your face on the illicit high of your personal preference. Choose vicarious thrills. Choose to marvel at this Sandfly hyper-reality. Choose to grin. Choose to toil at your miserable workstation for the grizzled bastard boss who surrendered hope to mundanity and joy to bleak tears of frustrated ambition decades ago. Choose not to be browbeaten, safe in the knowledge he's out there burning among the dust of stones form the dawn of time, delivering the sweet everyday awesome you never saw but knew was floating in the ether, those blinks of eternity seized from the fading grasp of forever. Choose to remian bound in happy thrall to the mythical maniac's maniacal offerings. Choose the glorious truth. Choose the unstaged, unbound, perfect zyzygy of the perpetual zenith that is the alternative zeitgeist he creates. Choose life. Choose the Messiah of the Playa. Choose Wow!

Choose Sandfly.

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Sandfly: There came through the years the collective voice of rage and ruin, cloaked as they were in hypocracy, decency and outrage, those trolls with their halitosis of hate to condemn the joy.
But still HE rose, trailing glories, unforgettable honeydrips of glorious sun-drenched hyper-reality that lit the trail beneath HIM like swathes of ecstatic firebugs.
And on HE climbed, that 'Fly, through a decade and more of devilment and moonshine.
Scorched raw, they were, those tarantulas of malice, by the glare of his ego and relentless force of brevity.
Such sights to show the seekers, gathered from all tendrils of the web to absorb the vicarious and in return validate the raison d'etre of the ineffable, unconquerable, diaphanous metaphysical physician; that myth, that legend, that Sandfly. Forever.

Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Sandfly ( )

Sandfly: Fast-driven smooth and glorious flesh baked tawny by unfogiving rays hiding the shadow on the sands come to snatch away those precious, so precious, mineandyoursprecious, moments of fiery-blown magnified REALITY that come when your world is still maybe bleached by drudgery and rigour yet vibrating with the background radiation which carries the name, the myth, the surge of joy that informs the medula oblongata and whispers the name through the ether, tickling those memories, tweaking instinct, promising delight, promising wonder, desire, breathless nature and perfect metaphysical symbiosis, whispering, whispering that word, that curse, that eternal myth, mystery, and legend of the electronic age... A name, it is given, Sandfly.

The bell tolled.

The sorcerer lifted his head to the glower above the scarlet dunes, to the broiling skies of neverwhere.

Sweat broke upon his top lip. He slowly cranked his head from the group of misbegotten desperate seekers.

The bell rang once more, in all their heads. A pounding, like a block of cement dropped upon a stony shore.

The Sorcerer, croaked a harsh exhalation, 'He is coming. Again. He is coming...'

Sandfly. Unbound, unhinged. Once more. And once again to come.

Feast yer eyes...

Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Sandfly ( )

Sandfly: Here is glory.

Here is the wonder of the feminine and nature's guile. Here is the summer's end and the Sandfly's 2014 Finale.

Do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage for here is delight.

Sandfly, from the edge of reason, head bowed in snarling joy at the sights I have to show you - the simple pleasures of the flesh and the delicious promise of more, more, more to come.

Together, as always, we share our appreciation of the most basic, instinctive happiness - the unfettered female form of those girls-next-door who dare to bare.

This devilment by which I facilitate these sights is my sacrament, this dichotomy of random madness and calculated surveillance by which these virtual dreams are acquired is both karma and kaos.

I am Sandfly, high priest of the church of the virtual mind, crazed sorcerer of the cult of vicarious - perched here, sentinel, in the penumbra at the limit of reality's glow, high above, watching, watching... Always watching...

Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Sandfly ( )

Sandfly: Sandfly.

Only in your mind. Only in your dream. Only in between. Reality and interweb fantasy. A myth from the space between moments, from the matrix you fear and the virtuality depravity you crave.


A view from the limbic core, from the universal reptile of our deepest consciousness, not one man but the eyes of all, flitting across the decades - eternal, electronic egotistical subversion of our post-modern mythologized metrosexual banalities...

Sandfly is REAL. Sandfly is OUT THERE. In the back o' beyond.

Sandfly is your excuse for lasciviousness, your reason for self-loathing; Sandfly is honest, unabashed, unfettered joy, free of the restrictions of moral platitudes, free of the condescention of conformist cunts.

Sandfly is the only true lie.

And I...

Am Sandly.

I will see you again. Motherfuckers.


Born in an asylum in the midst of a lightning storm. Raised by jackals. Dissolved in the age of aquarius. Carried by the sciroco into the dreams of man, cast by the equatorial sun into the shadows on the dunes, the whispers on the winds, the ghost in your machine. Epic, eternal, out here on the perimiter, stoned immaculate; Sandfly.

Fakers, shakers, glory takers - step aside for the real deal. No sneaky snaps, no quick in and out. Hold the moments, hold the shot, catch the vid.

A question of nerve, a question of verve, an answer to the banalities of the web's needy plastic fantastics. Your desperate self-adulation means nothing to the arch-deity of juxtaposed ironic narcissism. Sheild your eyes from the glory.

I am the Origin. I am the Singularity at the centre of beach voyeur history.

I am Sandfly.


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